Day 60... With public transport to Bukhara

The Uzbek fast train looks kind of cute

We took the train from Samarqand and arrived three hours later in Bukhara. Very fast for the 300 km but also quite boring. With the bikes we would have used one day to get there.
We checked into a cheap hotel and strolled trough the city.

This city is very famous as it is the oldest of the silkroad towns and a shitload of old buildings are there. Its been inhabitat for thousands of years and oriental cultre and details burst out of every corner. In fact the whole old city center looks like the aladdin part of disneyland. In a good way.
Also there are much more tourists here than in Samarqand. Busloads of German and Japanese travelgroups invade the city every day and we had a good time sitting at the sidewalk, have a beer or two and do some people watching. Very chilled.  But we have a big itch that we have to get back on the road as soon as possible. Hanging out in these silkroad cities for two weeks is a years vacation for some but for us it was a little bit of a torture as we are mainly waiting for the Adventure to start again...on top of that we waste a lot of time and money sitting on our asses.

Ulugbek and his sister
Ulugbek and his sister

We could get a little motorbike related stuff done on the side. We where looking for motorcycle oil when we met Ulugbek and his lovley sister who would drive us through the whole city till we end up in a small storage in a backyard of another backyard where a dealer stores the Oil supplies of the whole city - and in a dusty box there is the engine oil - liquid gold! Afterwards they wouldnt let us go without offering us chocolate and drinks and compliment all our travel pictures - The hospitality of the Uzbeks is outstanding.

We made the best out of our time. We went to the bathhouse, took some walks in the suburbs and found a local pub around the corner of the hotel where we could hang out with locals and other travellers. In fact i think we hung out at the bar almost every day meeting the weirdest and most interesting mix of people from all over the world. lots of fun... Oh, we even met the two dutch guys who drive their BYD car from shanghai back to holland. If you live in shanghai you probably heard of them.. Good boys -  We had fun drinking a beer with them and exchanging warstories... Check out their blog:


Maren and Rogier in their chinese BYD - which means literally "Build Your Dreams"
Maren and Rogier in their chinese BYD - which means literally "Build Your Dreams"

...and here are some postcard pictures of Bukhara.

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