Day 71 - Karakalpakstan

Hello Kim
Hello Kim

Bukhara felt like coming home - when we arrived we met people we knew on every corner. There was the austrian lady from the samarqand guesthouse, the son of the hotelowner who begged us to play football with him and Rachmat and his son Rachim who run the "cheaper-than-you-think.-bar". In our Guesthoese we ven met Guanto. a Taiwanese Cyclist who we alo met in Samarqand. Was cool to see all theses people again one last time - because we gonna be out of here tomorrow. We gonna head to the border as fast as possible - enough of Uzbekistan - we need a change after spending so much time here... funny thing - we stumbled over Kim - a korean (Surprised?)rider who we also met in Samarqand and as he is heading the same way we decided to go ride together. welcome Kim to Team Monkeykings!

Its gonna be roughly 1000 km to the Kazak Border and on the way we will have to cross the infamous "hunger steppe"  -  600 km with nothing except desert, occasional truckers and most imporantly - no Benzin...The name:  "Karakalpastan"

Now say that 3 times in a row!

Quarakalpastan on the map


We met up with Kim and set up from bukhara in the early morning - direction: west!

the road was still boring -  flat and straight...but we where just so happy that we are moving again that we turned the music in our ears louder and the smiles in our faces wider.

We decided to skip Khiva - which would have been similar to Bukhara and Samarqand and instead keep pushing onto Nukus. Its gonna be a looooooong day - 580 km in total - Reminder: our average mileage each day is supposd to be 300km - it was getting dark when we searched in the city of Urgench for some Fuel.

Fuel is scarce in western Uzbekistan - most cars drive with propane gas and its a scavenger hunt t find proper fuel. We had loaded up ten extra litre of good fuel in bukhara to mix with the shit fuel thats out there in the far west but that might not be enough -  remember ? it was the shit fuel was what fucked up chris bike at the first place...we cant afford that to happen again so we have to be extra careful....

Fuel is liquid gold in the far east of Uzbekistan
Fuel is liquid gold in the far east of Uzbekistan


We found some liquid gold in a small village. it was double the price of the gas station - bus as we are rich ass tourists, we paid the price with a smile and decided to keep on going - its normally not a good idea and I would strongly advise against riding motorbike in unknown terrain in the dark... but we would not have been us if we wouldnt ignore our own advice and so we rode the last 200 km in the dark trough the desert till we arrived in Nukus.


Night ride
Night ride

It was not much fun as it got pretty cold at night and we where still in our summer gear.

But we made it and checked into Nukus Hotel which was supposed to be the best Hotel in the city. I have slept in many shitholes so far but this one got a prime spot in my memory as the shittiest shitholes. Congratulations!

Karakalpastan! Kakaraplastan! Karakrackpalan!

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