Day 73 - Championski

Kim gets into Kazachstan
Kim gets into Kazachstan

Next morning we headed to the kazak border -  we arrived there after two hours and it took us another three hours to get through.

"Welcome to kazachatan" we shouted at each other again and drove of into the sunset.


After a 70 km of rough road we finally arrived at Beyneu where we could fuel up on precious 92 octane Benzin. 

Here we spent a night at Lyohas Place. He is kind if a famous guy in the motorbike scene as he hosted lot travelers already and is a former sowjet motocross champoinski.

He is quite a character... He sat us down in his bedroom which is also his office, living room and kitchen.


We had a good dinner and then of course he introduces us to his homebrew vodka. Horrible poison with a lot of garlic inside. He understands that this stuff should not be wasted on us ignorantes and brings out the normal stuff. We where a bit reluctant in the beginning but he wouldnt take no for an answer.. - so we had a few glasses, listened to his war stories and scrolled trough his photoalbums which consisted mainly of pictures with him sporting some cool sunglasses and computer printouts of sexy girls on motorbikes... 

After the first bottle of Vodka was gone he wouldnt give up....Turns out the former sowjet unions motocross champoinski is now more of a wodka champoinski. But Lyoha Is a good guy -  we had lot of fun hanging out in his bedroom and after two bottles of wodka we managed to stumble into bed for a well deserved sleep. 


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