Day 74 - Motorcyclist = Friendship

When we left our host hugged us goodbye and said with a broad smile on his face:"motorcyclist = friendship!" Yes, sir!

We couldnt agree more - packed up and went on our way - next stop Atyrau. That would be the last chapter on our tour trough the stans as we will cross into infamous Russua one day later.
Today is gonna be another long day and unfortunately it looked like rain. 
They road was quite boring. Straight straight and some more straight -  the only distraction was the rain that started after a few hours and then the temperature drop.
First rain in six weeks. Not too bad


It was already dark when we started to look for a room in Atyrau.. But weirdly- all hotels where full and another weird thing was the many policemen on the streets. There was really an officer standing on every roadjunction. 
"Putin! - Putin is in town! - thats why every hotel is fully booked tonite"
Thats what Assad said, a local guy who was hanging out in front of one of the hotels with his best friend Marat - and then he invited us to his home.
Turns out he also has a motorcycle in his garage and as we learned this morning: "motorcyclist = friendship."
So we met Assad, his wife his young family, brother and mother. They where great hosts, prepared dinner for us and made sure we felt like home. They even heated up the sauna in their yard which was a welcome surprise after the rain and the cold of the day.
Thats really the best part of the trip. First you are freezing on a motorbike somewhere in the steppe of kazachstan wondering where u gonna sleep tonite and next moment you sit naked in a sauna with an italian and a korean guy and wonder how everything just always turns out so well.

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