Day 81 - Georgia...the country - not the state

Georgia - East meets West
Georgia - East meets West

We left Vladikavkaz and the Caucasus mountains immediately started.
Finally some mountain roads again. We hadnt seen that since we left kyrgyzstan.
Next stop - Tiblisi, the georgian capital and the beating heart of the Caucasus region.

But first we had to cross one more border. The process on the russian side took unexpectedly long. Pretty annoying waiting around for some stupid stamps - we are getting out anyway - so whats the point!? But the Georgian side was way faster - "Welcome to georgia" the policemen at the border shouted at us and so georgia made already a good first impression on us - and it would not dissappoint.

Welcome to Georgia
Welcome to Georgia

From the start Georgia felt like a mix of the european alps region and some middleage knight movie. You can just see that it is a very old and grown country with deep roots and traditions in one hand and high speed internet and 24 hour supermarkets on the other. Supercool.


Georgians are very proud of their country and they should be, because its simply beautiful. High snowcapped mountains, green meadows, waterfalls and castles, watchtowers and old churches in between. We where very happy and rode the winding mountain roads past mount Kazbeg into Tiblisi with a wide smile on our faces.

I read some things about Tiblisi and was really excited to finally go there and see this city which embraces western and asian culture so much.
We gonna stay here at least for another day and try to get a glimpse of georgian life.

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