Day 82 - 84 Tbilisi

us in front of Narikala castle
us in front of Narikala castle

The capital of Georgia is a very intersting city. Its somehow a mystical mix of old and new. There is a shitload of old churches and well-dressed pedestrians will cross themselves when they pass by the church - and you are surprised by streetart on the most unexpected places. We think it might be compareable to a city in the south of Spain maybe. It has style, charm and history - and something where you couldnt quite put your finger on. Maybe its the very unique georgian way of writing, or the contrast of a strip bar next to a church - its hard to say but defiitly a cool place to spend a few days - four days to be exact.

Tbilisi is rough but soft
Tbilisi is rough but soft

The weather was on and off rain so we really enjoyed being lazy for a few days. The hostel had no guests, so we had the whole house for ourselves. Was a nice change to prepare breakfast in your own kitchen and then just chill on th couch for a bit. we also did some sightseing, went to a sulfur bathhouse and tried the local food. The big staple for example is Kachapurie which is some sort of cheesebread - sound simple but there are a lot of different versions. The basic one is just with cheese on top, but then there is Cheese inside and on top, cheese with a egg and butter on top, lasagnestyle layered cheese,,to name just a few. Good stuff. We also had some famous georgian wine and the most famous hemul-pha-jan... Seafood pancake. Well, thats not georgian - its korean - Kim was talking about korean food for days already and as there was no korean restaurant in town he decided to make his own. Good for us!

kachapuri - Georgias national dish
kachapuri - Georgias national dish

One Problem that got more and more pressing was the state of our front tires.

We changed to offroad tires in Urumqi because we planned to do some offraoding on the Pamirs - at least thats what we told ourselves. 

If we are honest we both knew that the real reason why we installed these tires was because they look more adventerous and therefore cooler.

Yeah - thats us.

We where hoping to change to proper roadtires in turkey but after checking our Tires in Georgia we had to admit that it was a real stupid idea to choose these tires.

they would not bring us any further -  we need new tires.

The even better solution that we found -"New used tires"

Now you must think - "That sounds even more stupid - used tires?!" But wait a minute.

Its actually a thing in Georgia - most cars here drive with used tires imported from germany. so we went to the Tire-and-what-not market 

and got ourselves some used Touring front tires and a cheesebread for 20 USD - not a bad deal at all.

These should bring us the next 2000 km to Turkey where we plan to buy a set of brand new roadtires.

While changing the tires Chris discovered that his front bearings also needed replacement - good thing to dicover that during a tirechange and not somewhere on a muddy mountain road in the rain.

Old tires vs. new old tires
Old tires vs. new old tires

So after we where well rested, well fed and our bikes where well maintained the sun came out again and we where ready to explore the Georgian mountains around Mestia.

In the Sulfur bathhouse
In the Sulfur bathhouse

Here are some pictures of Tbilisi sightseeing, loads of streetart

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