Day 94 - 95 - Sivas to Cappadocia

Uff, cold and rainy
Uff, cold and rainy

It was still freakin cold when we woke up. It was raining all night and there where still thick rainclouds in the sky. The travellers restaurant was already busy with busloads of locals stopping for a morning teabreak.
Turkish service in restaurants has a very high standard. Its way better in a truck stop in turkey than in a fancy restaurant in germany. The waiters are well dressed, friendly and polite. We had a big breakfast and decided that even if the weather looks still bad we have to keep moving and get out of there. There is no point in sitting it out and It should get better in the west.
So we packed up put our raingear on and went back on the road.

But the weather got better
But the weather got better

It was still cold but it looked like we would escape the rain. Sunshine at the horizon. We had one more 2100 m mountain pass and then good roads all the way to sivas.
We had small problems with the bike almost every day since we entered turkey and this day should be no exception. The clicking sound in matthias rear hub transformed into a solid rattle and when we arrived in sivas it sounded like the hub was filled with a hand full of pebbles, a little like an african tribes music instrument- which is not good at all in the motorbike world...I mean - if it would be precious stones like diamonds - that might be good.
But i am sure it wasnt.... Anyway.
We needed a mechanic. I think if everyone wants to go on a similar trip our data will be very valuabe as we have gps coordinates of motorbike mechanics in every country - even in countries without motorbikes. Next gps point on the list: sivas.
After asking around we found the otomechanics area and a bikeshop. As it was sunday it was closed but a young guy just passing by called  the owner of the shop up. While we waited the carpenter next door invited us in for tea and more and more people showed up to see the crazy guys from china. Finally the mechanic arrived - he didnt seem too happy that we ringed him away from his family on a cold sunday afternoon. But he smiled and said: "yarin" (tomorrow) , he will fix it.

The crew of Sivas
The crew of Sivas

We checked in the sultan hotel - one of the best hotels since we left china and where happy that we where out of the cold.

Next morning the mechanic went to work. Turns out that the hub had small cracks from the russian mechanic who smashed out the bearings with brutal force... So now the bearings are a bit loose and start making funny sounds. Normally you should exchange the whole hub but as the chances to find a rear wheel that fits to a chinese bike in turkey where quite low we needed another solution.
So the mechanic welded the hub at the cracks and it was as good as new - not really... But the new coat of black glossy paint at least made it look nice - i hope It can last the next 4000 km to germany - Chris also did an oilchange and by lunchtime we where back on the road. 

Ready to go to cappadocia
Ready to go to cappadocia

The weather got better and we had an easy ride on pefect two-lane roads to Kayseri and cappadocia where we arrived at sundown.
As i mentioned before there was almost no day in turkey where we didnt need to fix anything on the bikes... So also this day we had a problem. Chris radiator started leaking again! Seems like the russian problems are following us - i can see another mechanics gps point in cappadocia in our future.

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