Day 116 - 118  -  When in Rome

When in rome...

Watch "Interstellar" in the cinema next to a priest.

Go into the Vatican museum and "Awe!" at Raphaels "Last 
Judgement" in the Sistine chappel

Walk into the Pantheon while a church chorus is giving a show

icecream, icecream, icecream

Walk around the Collosseum and plan to watch "Gladiator" instead of going inside -"Maximus!!"

Have a beer and do some people watching on the Spanish steps.

Stroll around St.Peters square and hang out with the Pope... But the Pope was busy doing pope things.

Be constantly reminded of "Illuminati"

Walk walk walk and get lost in the endless small alleyways between the Forum Romanum and St. Angelo castle.

Write a Rome checklist. Done!