Day 121 - 122 - Florence and around

The checklist of Florence is quite short as the weather was bad and we where tired and not much in sightseeing mood

Try to drive in the wrong way in as many one-way roads as possible

Walk up the basilica tower and instead of the basilica dome and look at the basilica with all the people on top who didnt mind the long waiting que 

See Michelangelos famous David Statue

Watch the Gladiator movie as we already planned in Rome.

Had great Wild Boar pasta with Tiramisu for desert and Grappa ... For desert

Yeah.. I think thats it.

Oh wait

Write a Florence checklist. Check!

From Florence we drove over the last small mountains to Mantua. Oh! One thing happened.. Remember on the last Blog entry i was writing like there is not much adventure happening anymore and even the bikes perform well and dont make any trouble?
Well, when i checked my bike (the X5) today on the way i saw that the swingarm axle is broken. The head on one side just rusted off and got lost. If the axle slips out while driving it could end in a real disaster but it doesnt move so far and it looks like it wont for the last 800 km.
It would be wise to repair that straight away but i am afraid that this would need a new axle shipped from china. Can you smell it? - adventure!
So we will continue like that, be optimistic and hope that all holds up just fine. Hope and optimism where the most valuable tools we brought on the trip and i am confident they wont fail us this time.
One more day to go till we reach Kaltern - Chris hometown.

Broken swingarm axle
Broken swingarm axle

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