Day 123 - 125 -  Kaltern; Chris home

One last time the three of us sleep in one room together, one last time we enjoy the smell of adventure, of the unknown, the sight of chaos and badassery in our room. One last time we wrench ourselves from the beds and out into a hazy cold morning grey.
One last time, because today we will reach Kaltern, Chris' home!

Even though the weather is still not any better, we decide not to take the easy highway route, but instead cross the Padan Plain on local roads until we reach the south coast of Lake Garda. While we take a very italian style rest at a gas station with coffee and panini, the rain gets stronger and from here on it's rain gear time. Monkey suit up!

Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy and almost all of its length flanked by steep mountain cliffs. Since we decided to take the route through Italy instead of the Balkans I was looking forward to ride along this spectacular coast line on the west side of the lake - just like James Bond.. but on a small beat-up Chinese dirt bike! But in this rain the narrow winding road wouldn't be that much fun. So we take the road along the east coast, which is a bit better and safer but still ok spectacular. 

It's Monday afternoon, the rain keeps falling on us without taking a break. But there's little traffic and from here it should only be a quick ride on the highway up north to my home. 

The adventure has started to end a few weeks back but it really seems to be over now. I know these roads well and the feeling of not knowing what will come, after four months on the road, fades away. 
A bit sad, a bit proud, a bit tired and a bit relieved, but definitely super happy we roll into the yard of my parents home. The first of our two destinations. We arrive an hour earlier then anticipated and only my mom is there to welcome us with the biggest smile on her face. Thank God somebody is home, I wouldn't even have had a key to my own home. 


We drink beer, unload and park the bikes, take off our rain suits. So far it feels like a normal days arrival, but soon family and friends arrive and we're having a nice welcome dinner and evening. 

Our trip is not over yet. Because we came from the south my home was first on our route, but we'll still ride to Bavaria together to cross the alps and end our great adventure together. 

Fortunately we could talk Kim into taking a little detour, accompany us to Kaltern and delay his planned visit to Venice to afterwards. 

But for now we earned our two rest days here. Welcome home Chris!

Chris' Home Check List:

arrive in rain suits to look more adventurous on photos

have three nice home cooked meals a day

bring Kim's bike to the local BMW dealer and have it fixed for free because everybody is so impressed with our story

borrow a brand new BMW R1200GS for a test ride and realize how much easier and comfortable the journey would have been on something like that 

do a quick afternoon ride up the epic mountain pass that starts right behind the house

have coffee breaks that take the whole afternoon and are a break from doing nothing

get drunk on at least 12 different flavored homemade kinds of Schnapps 

start to feel restless on day three and be happy get on the bikes again

say farewell to Kim

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