Day 126 - The snowy pass into Austria

Bye Bye Chris Mom! thanks for everything
Bye Bye Chris Mom! thanks for everything

After we relaxed in Chris home it was time to get moving and bring this adventure to an end. I had the feeling we are on a farewell tour since we arrived in Italy so now it was time to arrive. As we planned from the beginning Chris will join me on the two days ride from Kaltern to my hometown Landshut and then go back by himself. 

To have some excitement we planned to ride over the Jaufenpass a 2030m high mountain pass into Sterzing and from there we will go over the Brenner into Austria.

But first it was time for a few farewells - one farewell for Chris family and especially his mom who was a great host and spoiled us 24 hours a day and then another big goodbye to our friend and partner in crime Mr.Kim.

Boo ing - Boo ing! Farewell Mr.Kim
Boo ing - Boo ing! Farewell Mr.Kim

So we drove together to the nearest gas station and then we parted ways. We headed to the next mountain pass and Kim to the highway and then down to Venice before he will continue his journey to Spain.

"Was good traveling with you Mr. Kim - stay safe and god speed!"

Bye Bye Lahnerland - good people come from this place
Bye Bye Lahnerland - good people come from this place

We continued to Meran and then went onto the Jaufenpass. This pass is quite famous amongst Motorbikers - at least that what we heard and could see by all the motorbike - reststops on the way.

This time of the year we thought we will be the only ones going that way as there was snow lying on top of the pass and every "normal"biker would have his bike stored safely in winter hibernation in the middle of November.

The pass itself was quite spectacular. All good winding roads to the top and a beautiful winter panorama - I was really happy that we went this way as last little highlight on the trip and didnt go the easy way around. But when you followed the blog you could see that we gladly take the longer and exciting route anytime. The only downside that comes with half a meter of snow is the cold. Now we know why Martin and Kim had Grip heating installed on their bikes.

Back in Shanghai we thought that real adventurers like us wouldnt need such toys as Grip heating - especially not in the desert. We learned a lot on this trip and one thing is that it does rain in the desert and that warm hands is the key to a warm body.

Anyway - the Pass was great and the road down to Sterzing trough snowy Christmas trees was a great addition to all the landscapes we saw on the whole journey.

We even saw two german bikers who went over the pass - probably on a weekend trip.

We had a big grin on our face when we thought about where we came from and where they came from at this time of the year.

The rest of the road was nice and easy along the Brenner Staatsstrasse into Innsbruck.

Just the cold was getting really to us so hard that we couldnt really enjoy riding anymore.

I think it was the coldest riding we had done on the whole trip.

We found a nice traditional guesthouse in Schwaz, a small town near Innsbruck and finished the day with Austrian beer, Wiener Schnitzel and some german TV. 

Home is close - so close - one more day!

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