Day 90 - Batumi

Overall it was an easy ride - at least for us. Kim had some painful moments when he had to shift gears on mountain roads or the worst nightmare was when there was a red light coming up and he was supposed to put a foot on the ground to stop.
But he took it like a cowboy efort and made it without complaint, almost- big respect.
So in Batumi he deserved a Restday.

When we arrived and started for a nice place to stay we stumbled over a guy who claimed to have the perfect guesthouse for us. It looked nice and not too expensive - so we took it. I was just wondering why there where all these kids toys in front of the house but no kids.
Next morning I knew why. We where woken up by "gangnam style" on full power... And loud children singing karaoke... Op op - Gangnan style - good morning!
Turns out - second and third floor of the guesthouse was a kindergarden.
No shit!

our roommates
our roommates

Somebody thougt putting a guesthouse and a kindergarden under one roof is a good idea... Now i also understood why the manager wanted us pay the two nights in advance.
When i asked him why he forgot to mention the fact that there will 70 children staying with us in the same house he just smiled and said:"Oh, you didnt know?" - what a bastard.
I mean - we wouldnt mind the children and also the parents who hung out at the kindergarden - the problem was... They minded us.
We where doing what we would always do on a restday.
Having a long breakfast, doing some homework, maintaining the bikes, have a beer or two and a pack of cigarettes or three.
I can understand that the parents had a problem with their kids jumping around dirty bikes and maybe bump their head or whatnot.
Well, that was obviously not our problem but the problem of the guy who had the glorious idea to have a guesthouse in a kindergarden and invite some motorbiker travellers over

We ingnored the angry glances of the mothers and minded our own bussines.
Kim went to the doctor for an X-Ray (nothing broken!) and chris and me went for a sightseeing walk trough Batumi. That was rather dissappointing as we just arrived after the tourist season was over already and the whole beach club scenery was quite deserted and would have been a great backdrop for a zombie movie - just the harbour where the tourist ships where maintained for the next season was cool - but overall nothing worth staying another day - also the tension in the guesthouse got worse while we where out -  The dutch guys had to hide in a small backyard like Quasimodo while the parents picked up their kids in front of the house.
So we checked out the next morning while 25 kids waved us goodbye and made it to the turkish border.
Except Martin who decided to stay another day in the kindergarden... who would ever understand these dutch guys ;)

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    Martijn Ruijg (Tuesday, 04 November 2014 12:15)

    Yeh, crying babies in the morning. Nothing can beat that.

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