Day 96 - 97 - Cappadocia

made it!
made it!

One if the most surreal landscapes and biggest tourist magnets in turkey. Cappadocia is a surreal place with its significant rock formations, underground cities and houses carved into the sandstone.

We stayed there three days and in order to speed things up a little bit I will give u a checklist of the stuff we did in cappadocia

- awesome baloonride with hundred other hot air ballons into to the sunrise over cappadocia

- bump the head in one of the mystical five levels deep underground cities

- fix chris radiator and matthias rear hub - again!

- go to an overpriced all-you-can-drink turkish night and see some wild dervish and belly dancing action


- get some magic energy from our other host kamil by drinking wiskey and roasting mystical mushrooms over candles

- pee down of one of the mystrious rock formations

-try to be best friends with every cat we met on the way

-write a checklist of cappadocia

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