Day 100 - 104 Merhaba Istanbul!

We arrived in Istanbul in the dark and it took us another 2 hours to find our hostel in the small alkeyways of Istanbul. Just in time when a rainy storm started. And the weather should stay like this for the next days - rain on and off with a few sunrays in between. Not ideal - but better sitting in a cafe and smoke a shisha than sitting on a motorbike in the rain.

To continue with the new old tradition I will just write down a checklist of the things we did while in Istanbul.

- Get a traditional turkish massage by a big hairy man with a mustache while other big hairy men watched in an old hamam

- getting a haircut at a mens kuaförü
- getting the tankbag zipper fixed by a fine gentleman who normally just fixes expensive classy handbags
- install new tyres on the bike that are six times the price of our chinese tires
- check into the most nobel hostel in istanbul, the "Nobel hostel"
- get into the famous hagya sophia and wonder how small the superfamous christian mosaiks really are
- check istanbul nightlife and drink the first gin tonics of the trip
- eat the most expensive lunch so far  - delicious tigerprawn at the fishmarket
- stay 500m away from the famous blue mosce and dont go inside
- smoke applesisha and watch a dervish doing his whirling business
- write an istanbul checklist

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