Day 127 - The last day

After a good breakfast buffet we packed up one last time. On the way out the "Wirt" (owner of the guesthouse) asked us where we came from, he thought the number plates must be from the Dakar Rally. Really? -  the Dakar Rally?

Haha - we felt honored and told the truth. China! 

He shook his head and called his friend up to tell him how crazy these two dudes really are.

In the deepest mountains of Austria,  China is seen as the place where all stuff is made and where weird Chinese people come to measure out their home villages in order to built a 1:1 replica of it  - as they did with Hallstadt which now is located in Austria but also somewhere in Guangdong province.

He wished us good look on our last day and we where off to the German Border.

In Europe you hardly realize when you pass a border anymore as its one union and open and all... so we drove along the border and thougt "Are we in yet?, are we? are we?"

Then the sign came up and there we are - final destination: Germany!

Hello Germany!
Hello Germany!

"Welcome to Germany!" we shouted at each other and drove off along the Tegernsee, around Munich - direction Landshut.

The way to Matthias hometown Altheim close to Landshut was easy riding. We where both excited. Matthias to be so close to home and Chris to drive Motorbike in Germany for the first time.

It was still very very cold and at some point we decided to hit the famous german Autobahn to speed things up a little bit.

We speeded things up for us, but not for the others on the highway as we where the slowest people driving there - even the huge trucks where faster.

But we where louder! - and in our world loud beats fast. Ha!

It was a weird mix of feelings when we finally reached the roads that Matthias used to drive almost every day since his childhood- but now coming from the other side of the planet

Everything stays unchanged - except us.

We stopped at the townsquare to take a picture and there was an old dude coming along being interested in our plates...

"China" he said - "that must be chinese plates, isnt it?"

He was really the first guy we met on the trip outside of china who recognized our plates to be chinese. Bavaria is full of smart people -Ha!

We had a chat,, he said in envied us and at some point he wants to do something similar.

He already drove all the way to Turkey and he misses the freedom of being on a long roadtrip. "someday" he said...."someday"

Arrival in Landshut
Arrival in Landshut

We said goodbye and drove of to the tiny village Altheim - Matthias home.

When we arrived there where lots of friends and family waiting already.

It was a great emotional "Hello!"

I was very happy that so many good friends showed up to welcome us.

Matthias friends started to give him compliments on how bad he looked and how fat he got on the road - Its good to come home to such friends 

Haha - it really is.

Welcome Home!
Welcome Home!

We spent a few days getting rid of our huge hangover from the party and then Chris went on to go back to Kaltern - his very last day of the trip.

I came along for a bit of the way but then our ways finally parted.

When we both met four years ago in Shanghai we had a few too much drinks together and realized that we found a true friend far away from home:

"We gonna have a lot of fun here" we said - I think we did.

Now its time for new adventures but I am sure this wont be the last on motorbikes


Or as the friendly lady in our Astronaut helmets used to say:

"Intercom failed - try again later!" 

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    YTC (Saturday, 13 December 2014 23:49)

    Awesome stuff! Well done:D

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    best luggage brands (Monday, 22 December 2014 13:25)

    that sounds amazing, really it does. have you learned any new languages in all your travels

  • #3

    Julien (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 07:17)

    Congrats guy ! Amazing trip...i am preparing mine from SH to South of France in few months.

    Do you mind if i get in touch by email with you ?, need few advises :)

  • #4

    JohnCheng (Thursday, 15 January 2015 07:33)

    很厉害啊,amazing trip!

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    air sign (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 05:16)

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I think it was happy journey......... :)

  • #6

    olx (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 05:18)

    That's good.

  • #7

    bikerdoc (Saturday, 14 March 2015 04:35)

    Followed along on your overland trip - one word... fantastic! Was it particularly difficult to obtain Visas prior to departure?

    What about the bikes what has happened to them since? Given the experience you've had would you still buy either bike for the trip all over again or opt for a different bike altogether and if so, which make|model?

    Big props to all riders... I've recently returned from a 22K km round ride Ningbo - Thailand on my 650GS I purchased late last specifically for the trip. Bike performed flawlessly.

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