my X2 adventure setup
my X2 adventure setup
The Shineray X2, or by it's proper name XY-250-GY-2 is a full size enduro bike and not the most obvious choice for such a trip. 
But I like the ergonomics of the bike and it's loud, agile and young appearance. 
The X2 has been build by Shineray since 2007 (or so) and has been sold in China and overseas. My research rendered it as a little underpowered but reliable bike. 
The frame turned out to be a copy of a KTM EX-C, while the engine is a Honda NX250 copy. A liquid cooled DOHC 4-valve 250cc 4- stroke engine. 
After a few weekend trips it got more and more customized into a sort of adventure-enduro bike.
Even with all the luggage on, it's fun and handles well on twisty roads and bad gravel. Comfortable highway speed is around 90-100 km/h. But who wants to ride on highways?!
X2 specs:
Engine: 170MM 250cc DOHC 4-valve, Liquid Cooled with Balance shaft
Bore and Stroke: 70mm x 65mm
Compression ratio: 11: 1
Max Power (Kw/rpm): 18.2kw @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque: 19Nm/ 7500 rpm
Transmission: 6 speed manual
Fuel tank capacity8 litres
Seat Height950mm
Ground Clearance310mm
Wheel Base1498mm
Dry Weight135kg
my improvements:
15 l Safari tank (actually holds more and gives me a range of about 470km)
DIY windshield
hand guards 
additional 40W LED head lights
12V/5V power outlet
Li-Fe battery
ergonomic seat improvement
aluminum bash plate 
DID chain
luggage rack and aluminum cases with 2 Primus spare fuel bottles 1.5L each
stock X2
stock X2